Warning: If you have a visual impairment, use the manuscript transcript version including the Lucy Maud Montgomery’s foot notes and contextual annotation references.

Chapter 15 - (VERSO)

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Miss L.M. Montgomery

P.E. Island.


The Pot of Gold At the Rainbows End.

L.M. Montgomery

The sun shone out on the passing cloud
Through a crystal fringe of glittering rain,
And over its darkness a rainbow arched
The shimmering hues of its span again,
And afar in the dreamy distance dipped
It seemed to rest on a fair green hill,
We saw it there with our childish eyes
And our hearts with a wonderful hope athrill.

For we had been told and believed it true
That could we but follow that shining bend
To its meeting spot with earth we’d find
A pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.


The first page of "The Pot of Gold at the Rainbows End," published in the Portland Transcript in September of 1898 with the author's name listed as "S.M. Montgomery," presumably a typo on the part of the printer.