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Chapter 34

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the Cuthberts had adopted,(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) and nobody knew very much about what you’d been before that.[“]

Anne was wondering if, after all, solitude and tears were not more satisfactory than Josie Pye’s companionship when Jane and Ruby appeared, each with an inch of the Queen’s colour ribbon—purple and scarlet—pinned proudly to her coat. As Josie was not ‘speaking’ to Jane just then she had to subside into comparative harmlessness.

“Well,” said Jane with a sigh, “I feel as if I’d lived many moons since the morning. I ought to be home studying my Virgil but I —that horrid old professor gave us twenty lines to start in on to-morrow. But I simply couldn’t settle down to study tonight. Anne, methinks I see the traces of tears. If you’ve been crying do own up. It will restore my self-respect, for I was shedding


rectangular section of ribbon, red on top, blue on the bottom

"Queen’s colour ribbon": The Prince of Wales College colours were scarlet and blue. Montgomery pasted the colours into her scrapbook along with the June 8, 1894, Commencement program (Blue Scrapbook, p. 1; Imagining Anne, p. 13).
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"studying my Virgil": "twenty lines" suggests that they were both reading and probably translating the text from Latin, a substantial assignment.