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Chapter 30

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lace of the year. She was happy, and eager, interested; there were lessons to be be learned and honours to be won; delightful books to read; (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)L17(end superscript) pleasant Saturday afternoons at the manse with Mrs. Allan; and then, almost before Anne realized it, spring had come again to Green Gables and all the world was abloom once more.

Studies palled just a wee bit then; the Queen’s class, left behind in school while the others scattered to green lanes and leafy wood-cuts and meadow by-ways, looked wistfully out of the windows and discovered that Latin verbs and French exercises had somehow lost the tang and zest they had possessed in the crisp winter months. Even Anne and Gilbert


LMM Notes

LMM Note L17
new pieces to be practised for the Sunday School choir;


brightly tinted postcard of a very small child pulling a bloom-covered branch closer to her nose

"the world was abloom once more.": A postcard photo from, circa 1907, of "Apple Blossoms" on Prince Edward Island. Montgomery actually pasted a black-and-white version of this image into her Red Scrapbook, p. 14 (Imagining Anne, p. 113). As Claire Campbell notes, many of these blooms come from the Island's orchards.
PEI Postcards, Phil Culhane