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Chapter 23

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small fry just then. It had begun among the girl boys but soon spread to the girls and all the silly things that were done in Avonlea that summer because the doers thereof were “dared” to do them would fill a book by themselves.

First of all Carrie Sloane dared Ruby Gillis to climb to a certain point in the huge old willow-tree before the front door; which Ruby Gillis (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)U13 (end superscript)nimbly did, to the discomfiture of the aforesaid Carrie Sloane.

Then Josie Pye dared Jane Andrews to hop on her left leg around the garden without stopping once or putting her right foot to the ground; which Jane Andrews gamely tried to do but gave out at the third corner and had to confess herself defeated[.]


LMM Notes

LMM Note U13
albeit in mortal (begin strikethrough)terror(end strikethrough) dread of the fat green caterpillars with which said tree was infested and with the fac[e] of her mother before her eyes if she should tear her new muslin dress,