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Chapter 19 - (VERSO)

to rim in the splendor like a (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)huge(end superscript) bowl brimmed with wine and far fire. (begin superscript)G11(end superscript)

“Oh, Diana,” breathed Anne, “isn’t it squeezing Diana’s mittened hand und under the fur robe, “isn’t it all like a beautiful dream? Do I really look the same as usual? I feel so different that it seems to me it must show in my looks.”
“You look awfully nice,” said Diana who, having just received a compliment from one of her cousins felt that she ought to pass it on. “You’ve got the loveliest colour.”

The programme that night was a series of “thrills” for at least one listener in the audience and, as Anne assured Diana, every suc succeeding thrill was thrillier


LMM Notes

LMM Note G11
Tinkles of sleigh bells and distant laughter that seemed like the mirth of wood elves came from every quarter.


a heart-shaped piece of leather with 9 round bells attached and metal ring at the top

"sleigh bells" [in G11]: These were attached to harnesses on horse-drawn sleighs in the winter. Since sleighs would travel almost noiselessly over hard snow—the sound of horses' hooves would be dampened—the bells would signal a sleigh's approach. Here, full neck-collar breast plate bells.
Courtesy of the Estate of John Walter Braithwaite