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Chapter 15 - (VERSO)

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P.E. Island

A Baking of Gingersnaps
Maud Cavendish

“I believe this plum cake must be done – there’s nothing comes off on the straw anyhow. Bessie, come and see what you think.”

The speaker held the oven door partly open and a warm plummy odor steamed out and filled the kitchen. The girl, who was sitting on the edge of the table, filling a plate of thin, fluted tart shells with spoonfuls of a trembling red jelly, slipped down, and, coming over, peered in with a pretty expression of perplexity on her face.

“Well, I should say it was, Alma. You’d better take it out and then come


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"on the straw": Bakers used to use a clean piece of straw, as modern bakers use a toothpick, a skewer, or a "cake tester," to test the doneness of cakes and breads.