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Chapter 9


for her. She’s never been taught what was right.” C5

Mrs. Rachel got up with an air of offended dignity.

“Well, I see that I’ll have to be very careful what I say after this, Marilla, since the fine feelings of orphans, brought from goodness knows where, have to be considered before anything else. Oh, no, I’m not vexed—don’t worry yourself. I’m too sorry for you to leave any room for anger in my mind. You’ll have your own troubles with that child. (begin superscript)D5(end superscript) Her temper matches her hair I guess. Well, good evening, Marilla. I hope you’ll come down to see me as often as usual. But you can’t expect me to visit here again in a hurry if I’m


LMM Notes

LMM Note C5
And you were too hard on her, Rachel."

Marilla could not help tacking on that last sentence although she was again surprised at herself for doing it.

LMM Note D5
But if you'll take my advice—which I suppose you won't do although I've brought up ten children and buried two—you'll do that 'talking to' you mention with a fair-sized birch switch. I should think that would be the most effective language for that kind of child.