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Chapter 9


quenched Anne by a curt command to hold her tongue.

Anne was out in the orchard when Mrs. Rachel came, (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)V4(end superscript) so that good lady had an excellent chance to talk her illness fully over with such evident enjoyment that Marilla thought even grippe must bring its compensations. When details were exhausted, Mrs. Rachel introduced the real reason of her call.

“I’ve been hearing some surprising things about you and Matthew.” (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)W4(end superscript)(begin superscript)¶(end superscript)It was too bad there was such a mistake,” said Mrs. Rachel sympathetically. “Couldn’t you have sent her back?”

“I suppose we could but we decided not to. Matthew took a fancy to her.” X4

“It’s a great responsibility you’ve taken on yourself,”

Said Mrs. Rachel that lady gloomily,


LMM Notes

LMM Note V4
wandering at her own sweet will through the lush, tremulous grasses, splashed with ruddy evening sunshine;

LMM Note W4
"I don't suppose you are any more surprised than I am myself," said Marilla, "I'm getting over my surprise now."

LMM Note X4
And I must say I like her myself—although I admit she has her faults. The house seems a different place already. She's a real bright little thing."

Marilla said more than she (begin strikethrough)when(end strikethrough) had intended to say when she began, for she read disapproval in Mrs Rachel's expression.


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