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Chapter 37 - (VERSO)

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to hear you laugh, ” said and he liked to know you found pleasure in the pleasant things around you,” said Mrs. Allan (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)gently[.](end superscript) “He is just away now; and he likes to know it just the same. I am sure we should not shut our hearts against the healing influences that nature offers us.”
“I was down to the graveyard to plant a rose-bush on Matthew’s grave this afternoon,” said Anne dreamily. “I took a slip of the little white Scotch rose-bush his mother brought out from Scotland long ago; Matthew always liked those roses the best—they were so small and sweet on their st thorny stems. It made me feel glad that I could plant


LMM Notes

LMM Note H19
But I understand your feeling. I think we all experience the same thing. We resent the thought that anything can please us when someone we love is no longer here to share the pleasure with us, and we almost feel as if we were unfaithful to our sorrow when we find our interest in life returning to us."


"He is just away now": Perhaps an allusion to James Whitcomb Riley’s (1884) short poem "Away," which begins "I cannot say, and I will not say / That he is dead- . He is just away!"