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Chapter 36

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“I heard that it was shaky,” answered Anne. “Why?”

“That is what Rachel said. She said was up here one day last week and said there was some talk about it. Matthew felt real worried. All we have saved is in that bank—every penny. I wanted Matthew to put it in the Savings Bank in the first place, but old Mr. Abbey was a great friend of father’s and he’d always banked with him. Matthew said any bank with him at the head of it was good enough for anybody.”

“I think he’s he has only been its nominal head for many years,” said Anne. “He is a very old man; his nephews are really at the head of the institution.”

“Well, when Rachel told us that, I


A one-dollar bill with “Bank of Prince Edward Island” and an oval with a long-skirted woman in a grain field holding a sickle.

"every penny.": A one-dollar bank note from the Bank of Prince Edward Island, 1872.
Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Acc3148/11