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Chapter 32 - (VERSO)

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which would come out first; she even knew that Jimmy Glover and Ned Wright had a bet on the question and that Josie Pye had said there was no doubt in the world that Gilbert would be first; and she felt that her humiliation would be unbearable if she failed.

But she had another and nobler motive for wishing to do well. She wanted to “pass high” for the sake of Matthew and Marilla – especially Matthew. Matthew had declared to her his conviction that she would “beat the whole Island.” That, Anne felt, was something it would be foolish to hope for even in the wildest dreams. But she did hope fervently that she would be among the first ten at least, so that she might see


"among the first ten at least": Anne's goal is a lofty one. Montgomery took the exam with 264 other students. Only 118, less than half, passed. There were 650 points possible, and the top score was a 491.