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Chapter 31

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of a chance to go wrong in Avonlea with Rachel to oversee them.”

“Marilla,” said Anne in a burst of confidence. “I want to tell you something and ask you what you think about it. It has worried me terribly(begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)Q17(end superscript) I do really want to be good; and when I’m with you or Mrs. Allan or Miss Stacy I want it more than ever and I want to do just what would please you and what you would approve of. But mostly when I’m with Mrs. Lynde I feel desperately wicked and as if I wanted to go and do the very thing she tells me I oughtn’t to do. I feel irresistibly tempted to do it. Now, what do you think is the reason I feel like that? Do you think it’s because I’m really bad and unregenerate?”

Marilla looked dubious for a moment. Then she laughed.

“If you are I guess I am, too, Anne, for Rachel often has that very effect on me.


LMM Notes

LMM Note Q17
—on Sunday afternoons, that is, when I think specially about such matters.