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Chapter 27 - (VERSO)

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“Yes, I will, too. I’ll do penance for being wicked that way. I’ll look at myself every time I come to my room and see how ugly I am. B16 I never thought I was vain about my hair, of all things, but now I know I was, in spite of its its being red, because it was so long and thick and curly.(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) I expect something will happen to my nose next.”

Anne’s clipped head made a sensation in school on the following Monday, but to her relief nobody guessed the real reason for it, not even Josie Pye, who, however, did not fail to inform Anne that she looked like a perfect scarecrow.

“I didn’t say anything when Josie said that to me,” Anne confided that evening to Marilla, who was lying on the sofa after one of her headaches,


LMM Notes

LMM Note B16
And I won’t try to imagine it away either[.]


"something will happen to my nose": Montgomery picks up on this detail in Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 20, when Anne accidentally applies carpet dye to her nose, thinking it is lotion to get rid of her freckles.