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Chapter 26

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a minister confess that when he was a boy he stole a strawberry tart out of his aunt’s pantry and she never had any respect for that minister again. Now, I wouldn’t have felt that way. I’d have thought that it was real noble of him to confess it and I’d have thought what an encouraging thing it would be for small boys nowadays who do naughty things (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)and are sorry for them(end superscript) to know that perhaps they may grow up to be ministers in spite of it. That’s how I’d feel, Marilla.”

“The way I feel at present, Anne,” said Marilla, “is that it’s high time you had those dishes washed. You’ve taken half an hour longer than you should with all your chattering. Learn to work first and talk afterwards.”


title of a poem printed in bold type in

"for small boys nowadays": Another reference to the kind of moral, didactic literature that was shared at school. For example, this poem called "Early Rising" from the second Royal Reader includes the lines, "Good children should never be lazy or sad." (Note the explanation of the two "new" vocabulary words under the title" "Rejoices, is very glad" and "Welcome, to receive gladly.")