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Chapter 25 - (VERSO)

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good sugar either—it’s course and dark—William Blair doesn’t generally keep sugar like that.”

“I—I thought it might come in handy sometime,” said Matthew, making good his escape.

When Matthew came to think the matter over he decided that a woman was required to cope with the situation. Marilla was out of the question. (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)W14(end superscript) Remained only Mrs. Lynde; for of no other woman in Avonlea would Matthew have dared to ask advice. To Mrs. Lynde he went accordingly, and that good lady promptly took the matter out of the harassed man’s hands.

“Pick out a dress for you to give Anne? To be sure I will. I’m going to Carmody to-morrow and I’ll attend to it. Have you anything particular in mind?


LMM Notes

LMM Note W14
Matthew felt sure she would throw cold water on his project at once[.]


"Pick out a dress for you": At the time, this actually meant pick out the material for a dress that then had to be made up from a dress pattern. Montgomery records in several places in her early journals where she had to have dresses made up by a seamstress for special occasions.