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Chapter 2


But there is so little scope for imagination in an asylum — only just in the other orphans. It was pretty interesting to imagine things about them — to imagine that perhaps the girl who sat next to you was really the daughter of an (begin superscript)a belted(end superscript) earl, who had been stolen away from her parents in her infancy but by a cruel un nurse. (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)E1(end superscript) I used to lie awake at nights and imagine things like that, because I didn’t have time in the day.” F1

With this Matthew’s companion stopped talking, partly because she was out of breath and partly because they had reached the buggy. Not another word did she say unitel until they were dr had left the village and were driving down a steep little hill, the road




LMM Notes

LMM Note E1
who died before she could confess.

LMM Note F1
I guess that's why I'm so thin. — I am dreadfully thin, ain[']t I? There isn't a pick on my bones. I do love to imagine I'm nice and plump with dimples in my elbows.