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Chapter 15

260 of life.

As much as she hated Gilbert, however, did she love Diana. (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)M8(end superscript) One evening Marilla, coming in from the orchard with a basket of apples, found Anne sitting alone by the east window in the twilight, crying bitterly.

[“]Whatever’s the matter now, Anne?” she asked.

“It’s about Diana,” sobbed Anne luxuriously. “I love Diana so, Marilla. I cannot ever live without her. But I know very well when we grow up that Diana will get married and go away and leave me. And oh, what shall I do? (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)N8(end superscript) I’ve been imagining it all out – the wedding and everything (begin superscript)O8(end superscript) and then bidding Diana good-bye-e-e—” Here Anne broke down entirely and wept with increasing bitterness.

Marilla turned quickly away to


LMM Notes

LMM Note M8
, with all the love of her passionate little heart, equally intense in its likes and dislikes.

LMM Note N8
I hate her husband – I just hate him furiously.

LMM Note O8
—Diana dressed in (begin strikethrough)white(end strikethrough) snowy garments, with a veil, and looking as beautiful (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)and regal(end superscript) as a queen; and me the bridesmaid, with a (begin strikethrough)breaking(end strikethrough) a lovely dress, too, and puffed sleeves, but with a breaking heart hid beneath my smiling face