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Chapter 15

resisted Gilbert’s plea.

“I shall never forgive Gilbert Blythe,” said Anne firmly. “And Mr. Philips spelled my name without an e, too. The iron has entered into my soul, Diana.”

“You mustn’t mind Gilbert making fun of your hair,” Diana she said soothingly. “Why, he makes fun of all the girls. He laughs at mine because it is so black. He’s called me a crow a dozen times;(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) and I never heard him apologize for anything before, either.”

“There’s a great deal of difference between being called a crow and being called carrots,” said Anne with dignity.(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) A9

Avonlea scholars often spent noon hour picking gum in Mr. Bell’s spruce grove over the hill and across his big pasture field. From there they could keep an eye


LMM Notes

LMM Note Z8
Diana hadn't (begin strikethrough)any(end strikethrough) the least idea what Anne meant but she understood it was something terrible.

LMM Note A9
Gilbert Blythe has hurt my feelings excruciatingly, Diana."

It is possible the matter might have blown over without more excruciation if nothing else had happened. But when things begin to happen they are (begin strikethrough)hap(end strikethrough) apt to keep on[.]


"The iron has entered my soul, Diana.": Anne's passionate declaration is from the Book of Common Prayer, Psalm 105:18.