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Chapter 14


it on my breast that I was overcome by an irresistible temptation. I imagined how perfectly thrilling it would be to take it to Idlewild and play I was the Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald. (begin superscript)S7(end superscript) So I took the brooch. I thought I could put it back before you came home. When I went all the way around by the road to lengthen out the time. When I was going over the bridge I took across the Lake of Shining Waters I took off the brooch off to have another look at it. And Oh, how it did shine in the sunlight! And then, when I was leaning over the bridge, it just slipped through my fingers—so – and went down – down – down, all purply-sparkling, and sank sank


LMM Notes

LMM Note S7
It would be so much easier to imagine I was the Lady Cordelia if I had a real amethyst brooch on. Diana and I made necklaces of roseberries but what are roseberries compared to amethysts?


"roseberries" [in S7]: Probably meaning rosehips, the seed-filled pods from a rose plant.


muted postcard of a rustic wooden bridge near some woods and cows

"over the bridge": A rustic bridge in a "Pastoral Scene" postcard that was sent to Montgomery's friend Edith Russell, circa 1910.
KindredSpaces, LMMI, Robertson Library