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Chapter 13



“Anne, you’ve talked even on for ten minutes by the clock,” said Marilla. “Now, just for curiosity’s sake see if you can hold your tongue for the same length of time.”

Anne held her tongue as desired. But for the rest of the week she talked picnic and thought picnic and dreamed picnic. D7

On Sunday Anne confided to Marilla on the way home from church that she actually grew cold all over with excitement when the minister announced the picnic from the pulpit.

“Such a thrill as went up and down my back, Marilla! I don’t think I’d ever really believed until then that there was honestly going to be a picnic. I couldn’t help fearing I’d only imagined it.” E7

“You set your heart too much on things, Anne,” said Marilla, “I’m with a


LMM Notes

LMM Note D7
On Saturday it rained and she worked herself up into such a frantic state lest it should keep on raining until and one [sic] Wednesday that Marilla made her sew an extra patchwork square by way of steadying her nerves.

LMM Note E7
But when a minister says a thing in the pulpit you just have to believe it.