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Notes - (VERSO)

102 Notes

I14 as if the spirit of autumn had poured them in for the sun to drain —

J14 when she pronounces my name I feel instinctively that she’s spelling it with an E.

K14 K14. Although I’m really beginning to see through it a little, too. Miss Stacy makes it so clear. Still, I’ll never be good at it and I assure you it is a humbling reflection.

L14: That is, if I don’t go out as a foreign missionary. That would be very romantic but one would have to be very good to be a missionary and that would be a stumbling block.

M14 for the laudable purpose of helping to pay for a schoolhouse flag.

N14 —The Society for the Suppression of Gossip and The Fairy Queen.

O14 I’m going to practice my recitations