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Chapter 38 - (VERSO)

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comfortable with. I don’t believe in girls going to college with the men and cramming their heads full of Latin and Greek and all that nonsense.”

“But I’m going to study Latin and Greek just the same, Mrs. Lynde,” said Anne, laughing. “I’m going to take my Arts course right here at Green Gables, and study everything that I would at college.”

Mrs. Lynde lifted her hands in (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)holy(end superscript) horror.

“Anne Shirley, you’ll kill yourself.”

“Not a bit of it. I shall thrive on it. Oh, I’m not going to overdo things. P19 But I’ll have lots of spare time in the long winter evenings and I’ve no vocation for fancy work. I’m going to teach over at Carmody, you know.”


LMM Notes

LMM Note P19
As 'Josiah Allen's Wife' says I shall be 'mejum'.


an image of green, gilt-lettered book cover next to an ink sketch of an old woman admonishing her husband

"Josiah Allan's wife says" [in P19]: Marietta Holley (1836–1926) was a popular writer who used "Josiah Allan's Wife" as one of her pseudonyms for her Samantha books, written in comic dialect and taking up many issues, including "wimmin’s rites." Pictured here, the cover of Samantha in Saratoga and its frontispiece showing Samatha admonishing her husband. The caption reads, "And bathed his very soul with many a sweet moral lesson."
Christy Woster