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Chapter 37 - (VERSO)

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put them in her hair. She liked the delicious hint of fragrance, ab (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)as of some aerial benediction,(end superscript) above her every time she moved.

“Dr. Spencer was here while you were away,” Marilla said. “He says that the specialist will be in town tomorrow and he insists that I must go in and have my eyes examined. I suppose I’d better go and have it over. I’ll be more than thankful if the man can give me the right kind of glasses to suit my eyes. You won’t mind staying here alone while I’m away, will you? Martin will have to drive me in and there’s ironing and baking to do.”

“I shall be all right. Diana will come over for company for me. I shall attend to the ironing and baking beautifully—you needn’t fear that I’ll starch the handkerchiefs


detail of a small shelf in a windowed pantry containing 4 different metal irons

"there's ironing and baking to do": Both of these chores would be hot work for a summer's day. But with the oven already running hot for baking, it only made sense to complete the ironing as the irons would be heated on the stove. It was necessary to have more than one iron, like those pictured here on the pantry shelf at Green Gables Heritage House, so that one iron could be heating up while another was being used.
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