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Chapter 35

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Chapter 25 [35]
The Winter At Queen’s.

Anne’s homesickness wore off, greatly helped in the wearing by her weekend visits home. As long as the open weather lasted the Avonlea students went out to Carmody on the new branch railway every Friday night. Diana and several other Avonlea young folks were generally on hand to meet them and they all walked over to Avonlea in a merry party.

Gilbert Blythe nearly always walked with Ruby Gillis (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)and carried her satchel for her. (end superscript)Ruby was a very handsome girl young lady now, thinking herself quite as grown up as she really was; she wore her skirts as long as her mother would let her and did her hair up in town, though she had to take it down when she went home. She had large, bright-blue eyes, a brilliant complexion and a plump (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)showy(end superscript) figure. She


LMM Notes

LMM Note R18
Anne thought those Friday evening gypsyings over the autumnal hills in the crisp golden air, with the homelights of Avonlea twinkling beyond, were the best and dearest hours in the whole week.

[Notes for this chapter range from R18-X18;Notes pages: 130-131.]


"576 650": In this chapter, there are several renumbered pages that have undergone more than one change. The first digit here looks like it was once a 4, then a 5.


"Chapter 25": This should be "35." Did Montgomery misnumber it? Or was it originally "25" before some reshuffling happened?


"brilliant complexion": A well-planted detail for what will become of Ruby Gillis in a few years’ time? Many tuberculosis patients were said to have a hectic flush that could look like brilliant health. See the note about Montgomery's mother, Clara, in Chapter 12.