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Chapter 32 - (VERSO)

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wish I had nerves like Jane Andrews. Nothing rattles her.”

Anne sighed and, dragging her eyes from the (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)witcheries of the(end superscript) spring world, the beckoning day of breeze and blue, and the green things upspringing in the garden, buried herself resolutely in her book. There would be other springs, but if she did not succeed in passing the entrance Anne felt convinced that she would never recover sufficiently to enjoy them.

Chapter 32.
The Pass List Is Out

With the end of June came the close of the term and the close of Miss Stacy’s rule in Avonlea School. Anne and Diana walked home that evening feeling very sober indeed. Red eyes and damp handkerchiefs bore convincing testimony to the fact that Miss Stacy’s farewell words must


six red tulips in a tilled garden bed

"green things upspringing": Early-blooming tulips at Green Gables Heritage House.
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