Warning: If you have a visual impairment, use the manuscript transcript version including the Lucy Maud Montgomery’s foot notes and contextual annotation references.

Chapter 31

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them over and deciding what is right. It’s a serious thing to grow up, isn’t it, Marilla? But when I have such good friends as you and Matthew and Mrs. Allan and Miss Stacy I ought to grow up successfully and I’m sure it will be my own fault if I don’t.(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) R17

Miss Stacy came back to Avonlea School and found all her pupils eager for work once more. Especially did the Queen’s class gird up their loins for the fray, for at the end of the coming year, dimly foreshadowing their pathway already, loomed up that fateful thing, known as “the Entrance,” at the thought of which one and all felt felt their hearts sink into their very shoes. Suppose they did not pass! That thought was doomed to


LMM Notes

LMM Note R17
I feel it's a great responsibility because I have only the one chance. If I don't grow up right I can't go back + begin over again. I've grown two inches this summe[r], Marilla. Mr. Gillis measured me at Ruby's party. I'm so glad you made my new dresses longer. That dark green one is so pretty and it was sweet of you to put on the flounce. Of course I know it wasn't really necessary but flounces are so stylish this fall (begin superscript)and Josie Pye has flounces on all her dresses[.](end superscript) I know I’ll be able to study better because of mine. I know I'll be able to study better because of mine. I shall have such a comfortable feeling deep down in my mind about that flounce."

"It’s worth something to have that," admitted Marilla.


"I know" [in R17]: Unusually, this longish note contains a repetition of a whole sentence: "I know I’ll be able to study better because of mine." The repetition is good evidence that some of the notes were copied over and not simply created spontaneously as she wrote; it is unlikely she would have repeated the line if she were spontaneously composing the entry.


"to put on the flounce" [in R17]: Where a ruffle is a short length of gathered fabric, a flounce is wider and lies more smoothly. Both add fullness to a garment.