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Chapter 30

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summer I’ll be a little girl. Mrs. Lynde says that if I keep on stretching out next year as I’ve done this I’ll have to put on longer skirts. She says I’m all running to legs and eyes. And when I put on longer skirts I shall feel that I have to live up to them and be very dignified. It won’t even do to believe in fairies then, I’m afraid; so I’m going to believe in them with my whole heart this summer. I think we’re going to have a very gay vacation. Ruby Gillis is going to have a birthday party soon and there’s the Sunday School picnic and the missionary concert next month. And Mr. Barry says that some evening he’ll take Diana and me over to the White Sands Hotel to have dinner there. They have dinner over there in the evening, you know.” O17


LMM Notes

LMM Note O17
Jane Andrews was over once last summer and she says it was a dazzling sight to see the electric lights and the flowers and all the lady guests in such beautiful dresses. Jane says it was her first glimpse of high life and she'll never forget it to her dying day."


“dinner over there in the evening”: As opposed to having dinner in the middle of the day, as the Cuthberts would have, and then a tea or supper in the evening.