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Chapter 30 - (VERSO)

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she won’t have to earn her own living; she says of course it is different with orphans who are living on charity—they have to hustle. Moody Spurgeon is going to be a minister. Mrs. Lynde says he couldn’t be anything else with a name like that to live up to. I hope it isn’t wicked of me, Marilla, but really the thought of Moody Spurgeon being a minister makes me laugh. He’s such a funny-looking boy with that big fat face and his little blue eyes(begin subscript) ^(end subscript)(begin superscript)and his ears sticking out like flaps.(end superscript) But perhaps he will be more intellectual looking when he grows up. Charlie Sloane says he’s going to go into politics and be a member of Parliament but Mrs. Lynde says he’ll never succeed at that


"with a name like that to live up to": Moody Spurgeon is named for two famous evangelical preachers; see note in Chapter 26.