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Chapter 29

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was a glittering vision of delight.

“Oh, Marilla, it was beyond description. (begin superscript)W16(end superscript) I just sat in enraptured silence. Madame Selitsky was perfectly beautiful and wore white satin and diamonds. But when she began to sing I never thought about anything else. Oh, I can’t tell you how I felt. But it seemed to me that it could never be hard to be good any more. I felt like I do when I look up to the stars. Tears came into my eyes but oh, they were such happy tears. I was so sorry when it was all over, as I told Miss Barry I didn’t see how I was ever to return to common life again. She said she thought if we went


LMM Notes

LMM Note W16
I was so excited I couldn’t even talk, so you may know what it was like.


sepia clipping of a woman in profile with large white puffed sleeves

"Madame Selitsky": Montgomery's scrapbook clipping of Ellen Beach Yaw, also known as "Lark Ellen," who debuted on the New York stage in 1894, was said to be able to sustain D above high D (Blue scrapbook p. 68; Imagining Anne p. 83).
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