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Chapter 29 - (VERSO)

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I never knew how much I really liked her until I saw her familiar face among all those strangers. There were thousands of people there, Marilla. It made me feel dreadfully insignificant. And Miss Barry took us up to the grandstand to see the horse-races. Mrs. Lynde wouldn’t go; she said horse-racing was an abomination, and she, being a church member, thought it her bounden duty to set a good example by staying away. But there were so many there I don’t believe Mrs. Lynde’s absence would ever be noticed. I don’t think, though, that I ought to go very often to horse-races, because they are awfully fascinating. Diana got so excited that she offered to bet


Two structures side-by-side: a race track with covered seating area and an ornate building with elaborate peaks and gables.

"the grandstand": The Grandstand of the Charlottetown Driving Park and the Exhibition Building, 1893.
Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Acc3218/81