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Chapter 28

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“I’m very much obliged to you,” she said haughtily as she turned away. But Gilbert had also sprung from the boat and now laid a detaining hand on her arm.

“Anne,” he said hurriedly, “look here. Can’t we be good friends? I’m awfully sorry I made fun of your hair that time. I didn’t mean to vex you and I only meant it as a joke. (begin subscript)^(end subscript) (begin superscript)H16(end superscript) (begin superscript)I16(end superscript) Let’s be friends.”

For a moment Anne hesitated. She had an odd (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)newly-awakened(end superscript) consciousness under all her outraged dignity that the half-shy, half-eager expression in Gilbert’s hazel eyes was something that was very good to see. Her heart gave a quick queer little beat. But


LMM Notes

LMM Notes I16
Besides, it’s so long ago. I think your hair is awfully pretty now—honest I do. (begin strikethrough)Let’s be friends(end strikethrough)