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Chapter 23

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Before Anne could answer Mrs. Barry appeared on the scene. At sight of her Anne tried to scramble to her feet, but sank back again with a sharp little cry of pain.

“What’s the matter? Where have you hurt yourself?” demanded Mrs. Barry.

“My ankle,” gasped Anne. “Oh, Diana, please find find your father and ask me him to take me home. I know I can never walk there.” Z13

Marilla was out in the orchard picking a panful of summer apples when she saw Mr. Barry coming over the log bridge and up the slope, with Mrs. Barry beside him and a whole procession of little girls trailing after him. In his arms he carried Anne, whose head lay limply against


LMM Notes

LMM Note Z13
And I'm sure I couldn't hop as far on one foot when Jane couldn't even hop around the garden."


title page of the Natural history of Prince Edward island with ornate letters and a note that it is

"a panful of summer apples": Montgomery and Anne deeply love the blooms of the orchards around their homes, but the whole of the Island appreciated the apples that came from them. According to Francis Bain's The Natural History of Prince Edward Island (1890), there were five principal varieties of apples growing on the Island: Duchess of Oldenburg, Emperor Alexander, Red Astracan, Northern Spy, and Ben Davis, though exhibitions and other records show many more than five. Perhaps the "Summer" apple Marilla was picking was what Islanders call an "August apple," either a Yellow Transparent, or possibly an equally early ripening Duchess of Oldenburg.