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Chapter 23 - (VERSO)

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walked towards the house, where a ladder was leaning against the kitchen roof. V13

“Don’t you do it, Anne,” said entreated Diana. “You’ll fall off and be killed. Never mind Josie Pye. It isn’t fair to do a dare anybody to do anything so dangerous.”

“I must do it. My honour is at stake,” said Anne solemnly. “I shall walk that ridge-pole, Diana, or perish in the att attempt.” W13

Anne climbed the ladder amid breathless silence, gained the ridge-pole, balanced herself uprightly on that precarious footing and started to walk along it, dizzly dizzily conscious that she was uncomfortably high-up in the world and that walking ridge-poles was not a thing in which your imagination helped you out much. Nevertheless,


LMM Notes

LMM Note V13
All the fifth class girls said, 'Oh" partly in excitement, partly in dismay.

LMM Note W13
If I am killed you are to have my pearl-bead ring.


a green-tinted illustration drawn in exaggerated perspective, showing a chimney and a ridge pole with a young girl walked across it as classmates look on

"gained the ridge-pole": The Hilton Hassell illustration of this moment from 1969.