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Chapter 22 - (VERSO)

337 411
Lauretta had to go home early because there is a big concert in the White Sands hotel tonight and her sister is to recite at it. Lauretta says the Americans at the hotel give a concert every fort-night in aid of the Charlottetown hospital and they ask lots of the White Sands people to recite. (begin superscript)S13 (end superscript)After she had gone Mrs. Allan and I had a talk heart to heart talk. I told her everything—about Mrs. Thomas and the twins and Katie Maurice and Violetta and coming to Green Gables and my troubles over geometry and would you believe it, Marilla? Mrs. Allan told me she was a dunce at geometry, too. You don’t know how that encouraged me. Mrs. Lynde came to the manse just before I left


LMM Notes

LMM Note R13
I’ve longed so to sing in the Sunday-school choir, as Diana does, but I feared it was an honour I could never aspire to[.]

LMM Note S13
Lauretta said she expected to be asked herself someday. I just gazed at her in awe[.]


"411": The original page number here was in the 330s, while early pages of the chapter were in the 350s.


a faded sepia photo of a few well-dressed people outside a many-windowed hotel

"White Sands hotel": Possibly modeled on the Seaside Hotel in Rustico Beach. See note in Chapter V. Here, a group of men and women stand outside the Seaside Hotel, Rustico Beach, in the 1890s.
Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Acc3466/HF77.51.3