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Chapter 21

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and ‘supplies’ who came Sunday after Sunday to preach on trial. These stood or fell by the judgment of the fathers and mothers in Irael Israel; but a certain small red-headed girl who sat meekly in the corner of the old Cuthbert pew also had her opinions about them.
“I don’t think Mr. Smith would have done, Matthew,” Mrs. Lynde was Anne’s final summing up. “Mrs. Lynde says his delivery was so poor, but I think his worst fault was just like Mr. Bentley’s—he had no imagination. And Mr. Terry had too much; he let it run away with him (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)P12(end superscript) Besides, Mrs. Lynde says his theod theology wasn’t sound(begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)Q12(end superscript). I thought Mr. Marshall decidedly attractive; but Mrs. Lynde says he isn’t married, because she or even engaged, because


LMM Notes

LMM Note O12
and discussed the same in full with Matthew, Marilla always declining from principle to criticize ministers in any shape or form.

LMM Note P12
just as I did mine in the matter of the Haunted Wood.

LMM Note Q12
Mr. Gresham was a very good man (begin strikethrough)but he(end strikethrough) and a very religious man, but he tried too many funny stories(begin strikethrough); he was(end strikethrough) and made the people laugh in church; he was undignified, and you must have some dignity about a minister, mustn't you, Matthew?


"fathers and mothers in Israel": This suggests that the Avonlea Presbyterian church members see themselves as the "select" as did the children of Israel in the Bible.