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Chapter 21

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member the time Mr. Phillips made me sit with Gil—with a boy; (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)K12(end superscript) and how he said I was the worst dunce he ever saw at geometry and laughed at my spelling; and all the times he had been so horrid and sarcastic; but somehow I couldn’t, Marilla, and I just had to cry, too. (begin superscript)L12 (end superscript)Oh, Marilla, it was heart rending. Mr. Phillips made such a beautiful farewell speech beginning, ‘The time has come for us to part.’ It was very affecting. And he had tears in his eyes, too, Marilla. (begin superscript)M12(end superscript) The girls cried all the way home from school. Carrie Sloane kept saying every few minutes, ‘The time has come for us to part’ and that would start us off again whenever we were in any danger of cheering up. I do feel dreadfully sad, Marilla. But one can’t feel quite in the depths of despair with


LMM Notes

LMM Note K12
and the time he spelled my name without an E. on the blackboard;

[Notes in this chapter range from K12 to G13,on Notes pages 91 to 96.]

LMM Note L12
Jane Andrews (begin strikethrough)had(end strikethrough) has been talking for a month about how glad she'd be when Mr. Phillips went away and she declared she'd never shed a tear. Well, she was worse than any of us and had to borrow a handkerchief from her brother (begin strikethrough)because(end strikethrough) – of course the boy's didn't cry – because she hadn't brought one of her own, not expecting to need it.

LMM Note M12
Oh, I feel dreadfully sorry and remorseful for all the times I'd talked in school and drawn pictures of him on my slate and made fun of him and Prissy. I can tell you I wished I'd been a model pupil like (begin strikethrough)Jane A(end strikethrough) Minnie Andrews. She hadn't anything (begin strikethrough)to(end strikethrough)on her conscience.


"366": A number corrected twice, in pencil.


a short newspaper article

"Mr. Phillips made such a beautiful farewell speech": Avonlea bids farewell to Mr. Phillips in this scene of comic sadness. The pupils in actual Cavendish, meanwhile, bid farewell to their beloved Miss Gordon in an article in Charlottetown's Daily Examiner in June of 1892.

"It is a matter of deep regret to all the students of Cavendish school, as well as the community at large, that Miss Gordon, their esteemed and efficient teacher, is just closing her last term of teaching at Cavendish. Her painstaking care and energetic efforts to make her school a success have met their due reward in the love and respect of her pupils. May success attend her."