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Chapter 2


to the station house. The long platform was almost deserted; the only living creature in sight to be seen in sight being a girl who was sitting on a pile of shingles at the extreme end. Matthew, (begin superscript)barely noting that it was a girl, (end superscript)sidled past her without looking at her. Had he looked at her he could hardly have failed to notice the rigidity and expectation of her attitude and expression. She was sitting there waiting for something or somebody and, since sitting and waiting was the only thing to do (begin superscript)just then, (end superscript)she sat and waited with all her might and main.

Matthew encountered the station master locking up the ticket office (begin superscript)Z. (end superscript)and asked him if the five thirty train would soon be along.

“The five thirty train has been



LMM Notes

LMM Note Z
preparatory to going home for supper,