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Chapter 19

narrow room out of which the spare room opened. It was pleasantly warm and dimly lighted by the embers of a fire in the grate.

“Let’s undress here,” said Diana. “It’s so nice and warm.”

“Hasn’t it been a delightful time?” sighed Anne rapturously. “It must be splendid to get up and recite there. (begin superscript)I11(end superscript) Let’s run a race and see who’ll get to the bed first.”

The suggestion appealed to Diana. The two little white-clad figures flew down the long room, through the spare room door, and bounded on the bed at the same moment. And then some —something—moved beneath them, there was a gasp and a cry—and somebody said in muffled


LMM Notes

LMM Note I11
Do you suppose we will ever be asked to do it, Diana?"

"Yes, of course, someday. They’re always wanting the big scholars to recite. Gilbert Blythe does often and he’s only two years older than us. Oh, Anne, how could you pretend not to listen to him? When he came to the line,
"There’s another, not a sister,"
he looked right down at you."

"Diana," said Anne with dignity "you are my bosom friend but I cannot allow (begin strikethrough)you(end strikethrough) even you to speak to me of that person. Are you ready for bed?


the corner of a neat room with lots of rugs, and a sunny window

"the spare room": Similarly, in the Macneill house, a bedroom opened off the parlour (presumably where Grandmother Macneill slept); another bedroom opened off the sitting room, where Montgomery slept in winter when the upstairs was unheated.
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