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Chapter 19 - (VERSO)

for weeks, and all the older scholars were especially interested in it by reason of older brothers and sisters who were going to take part. Everybody in school over nine years of age expected to go. E11

For Anne the real excitement began with the dismissal of school and increased therefrom in crescendo until it reached to a crash of positive ecstasy in the concert itself. They had a “perfectly elegant” tea; and then came the delicious occupation of dressing in Diana’s little room upstairs. Diana did Anne’s front hair in the new pompadour style and Anne tied Diana’s bows with the especial knack she possessed. (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)F11 (end superscript)At last they were ready, cheeks scarlet and eyes glowing with excitement.


LMM Notes

LMM Note E11
, except Carrie Sloane, whose father shared Marilla’s opinions about small girls going out to (begin strikethrough)night(end strikethrough) night concerts. Carrie Sloane cried into her grammar all the afternoon and felt that life was not worth living.

LMM Note F11
; and they experimented with at least half a dozen ways of arranging their back hair.


clipped photo of a smiling girl, her hair pinned at her crown to form a large puff at the front

"pompadour style": Hair pulled back and made into a high roll around the face. A magazine cut-out, featuring a pompadour, in Montgomery's Red Scrapbook (Red Scrapbook, p. 29; Imagining Anne, p. 135).
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