Warning: If you have a visual impairment, use the manuscript transcript version including the Lucy Maud Montgomery’s foot notes and contextual annotation references.

Chapter 19 - (VERSO)

Matthew, you or me?”

“Well now, you,” admitted Marilla Matthew.

“Don’t interfere then.”

“Well now, I ain’t interfering. It ain’t interfering to have your own opinion.(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) And my opinion is that you ought to let Anne go.”

“You’d think I ought to let Anne go to the moon if she took the notion, I’ve no doubt,” was Marilla’s amiable rejoinder. “I might have let her spend the night with Diana if that was all. But I don’t approve of this concert plan. She’d go there and catch cold as like as not and have her head filled up with nonsense and excitement.(begin strikethrough)”(end strikethrough) A11

“I think you ought to let Anne go,” re-


LMM Notes

LMM Note A11
It would unsettle her for a week. I understand that child’s disposition and what’s good for it better than you, Matthew[.]”


[blue 148]: Another sheet ripped from a notebook. The Notes on this page are written on a sheet with a blue "161."