Warning: If you have a visual impairment, use the manuscript transcript version including the Lucy Maud Montgomery’s foot notes and contextual annotation references.

Chapter 19 - (VERSO)

her she could ask me to go home with her from school and stay all night with her. And her cousins are coming over from Newbridge in a big pung sleigh to go to the Debating Club concert at the hall tomorrow night. And they are going to take Diana and me to the concert—if you’ll let me go, that is. You will, won’t you, Marilla? Oh, I feel so excited.”

“You can calm down then because you’re not going. You’re better at home in your own bed, and as for that club concert it’s all nonsense, and little girls should not be allowed to go out to such places at all.”


a sepia photo of a large sleight with two passengers and a driver, being pulled through the snowy woods by a horse

"a big pung sleigh": A horse-drawn sleigh, with a few well-bundled passengers, headed down a wooded lane.
Public Archives and Records Office of Prince Edward Island, Acc2353/190


Note that this combination of paper and ink is causing more blotting than on previous pages. The ink seems to sit on the paper rather than soak in like it does on the yellow pages that she used earlier. The Notes pages that correspond to this section show the same blotting issue. Examining the ink and paper together can become ways of considering the possible time between writing and making additions.


black and white photo of a small white hall set in the woods

"concert at the hall": The community hall in Cavendish was the place for concerts, debates, Literary Society Meetings, magic lantern shows, and other public events.
Archival & Special Collections, University of Guelph, L.M. Montgomery Collection