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Chapter 19

Diana stood at the window and threw kisses to me all the way down to Lover’s Lane. I assure you, Marilla, that I feel like praying to-night and I’m going to think out a special brand-new prayer in honour of the occasion.

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Chapter 19
A concert, a Catastrophe and a Confession

“Marilla, can I go over to see Diana just for a minute?” asked Anne, running breathlessly down from the east gable one February evening.

“I don’t see what you want to be traipsing about for after dark for,” said Marilla shortly. W10

“But she wants to see me,” pleaded Anne. “She has something very important to tell me.”

How do you know she has?”

“Because she has just signalled


LMM Notes

LMM Note W10
"You and Diana walked home from school together and then stood down there in the snow for half an hour more, your tongues going the whole blessed time, clickety clack. So I don't think you're very badly off to see her again."

[Montgomery's Notes in this chapter range from W10-Y11;Note pages 73-88.]