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Chapter 17 - (VERSO)

Bell copied carefully on a piece of pale pink paper, scalloped on the edges, the following effusion

To Anne.

When twilight drops her curtain down
And pins it with a star
Remember that you have a friend
Though she may wander far.

“It’s so nice to be appreciated,” sighed Anne rapturously to Marilla that night.

The girls were not the only scholars who “appreciated” her. When Anne went to her seat after dinner hour (begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)S9(end superscript) she found on her desk a big luscious “strawberry apple.” Anne caught it up all ready to take a bite, when she remembered that the only place in Avonlea


LMM Notes

LMM Note S9
—she had been told by Mr. Phillips to sit with the model Minnie Andrews–


"'strawberry apple'": Again, Montgomery's informal name for an apple variety could refer to a number of heritage strains or types. The "Chenango Strawberry" apple was first described in 1854 in the United States, and there are "Canadian Strawberry" apples cultivated today. But Montgomery's lack of capital letters and inclusion of quotation marks suggest this is more of a general descriptor than a formal name. No matter its original variety, a strawberry apple would be fragrant and an enticing red colour.