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Chapter 15

239 after this, Anne.”

“I’m glad,” said Anne quickly. “I couldn’t really feel proud of keeping head of little boys and girls of just nine or ten. I got up yesterday spelling ‘ebullition.’ Josie Pye was head and mind you, she peeped in her book. Mr. Phillips didn’t see her(begin subscript)^(end subscript)(begin superscript)R8(end superscript) but I did. I just swept her a look of freezing scorn and she got as red as a beet and spelled it wrong after all.”

“Those Pye girls are cheats all round,” said Diana indignantly, as they climbed the fence into the main road. S8

When Mr. Phillips was in the back of the room hearing Prissy Andrew’s Latin Diana whispered to Anne,

“That’s Gilbert Blythe sitting right across the aisle from you, Anne. Just look at him and see if you don’t think he’s handsome.”

Anne looked accordingly. She had a good chance to do so, for Gilbert Blythe was absorbed in stealthily pinning


LMM Notes

LMM Note R8
— he was looking at Prissy Andrews —

LMM Note S8
"Gertie Pye actually went and put her milk bottle in my place in the brook yesterday. Did you ever? I don't speak to her now[.]"