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Chapter 14


Chapter 2 [14]

Anne’s Confession

On the Monday evening before the picnic Marilla came down from her room with a troubled face.

“Anne,” she said (begin subscript)^(begin superscript)I7 (end superscript)(end subscript)did you see anything of my amethyst brooch? I thought I stuck it in my pincushion when I came home from church yesterday evening, but I can’t find it anywhere.”

“I—I saw it this afternoon when you were away at the Aid Society,” said Anne, a little slowly. “I was passing your door when I saw it on the cushion so I went in to look at it.”

“Did you touch it?” said Marilla sternly.

“Y-e-e-s,” admitted Anne. “I took it up and pinned it on my breast just to see how it would look.”

“You had no business to do anything of the sort. (begin superscript)J7(end superscript) You shouldn’t have gone into my room in the first place


LMM Notes

LMM Note I7
to that small personage who was shelling peas by the spotless table and singing "Nelly in the Hazel Dell" with a vigor and expression that did credit to Diana's teaching,. [sic]

[Montgomery's Notes in this chapter range from I7-F8; Notes pages 41-45.]

LMM Note J7
It's very wrong in a little girl to meddle[.]


"Chapter 2": This should be Chapter 14. The misnumbering certainly invites speculation. Was this chapter originally set somewhere else in the novel? Or is this just a mistake?